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Changes to the clergy

(Adam Hopkins) #1

In the past, the clergy has been setup to mimic Medieval Europe’s church system. I am not 100% sure that is the best solution.

Since the game is likely to be heading in the direction of playing upon a fantasy map, I was thinking that perhaps it also would make sense to remove this aspect to a more generic “religion”.

Altar boy >> REMOVED
Priest >> Cleric
Bishop >> Priest
Archbishop >> Priest
Cardinal >> Elder (also a Priest)
Pope >> High Priest (one per game)
College of Cardinals >> Order of Priests

The roles would largely be the same. There are some differences.

Cleric - Performs marriages
Priest - Can petition the High Priest, and is a member of the Order of Priests.
Elder - Is a member of the Order of Priests, and specifically is able to act as a member of the Board of Elders (to vote on the High Priest, and perform many of the previous College of Cardinals functions).
High Priest - Only one per game, and wields authority similar to the Pope in past games. Controls the ability to manage and enforce parts of the game.

I think this new structure potentially opens the game a little better. I think in time IF there ever is the MMORPG style game, having a more fluid body willl be helpful. For example, perhaps there would be mini “tirbunals” of elders to handle disputes.

Regardless of how we name the titles, the concept will largely be the same. Whereas clergy members were actors largely within a single dynasty, in the new game they will be somewhat outside that. There will be a greater emphasis on loyalties, and being a member of the clergy will mean that characters in the Order or College will have their loyalty not to a nobleman, but to the High Priest/Pope.


What are your thoughts on the name changing? Is it a good or bad idea to become a generic “religion”?

(Adam Hopkins) #2

As it turns out, I am thinking that I want to head more in this direction. I like the new naming, and it feels more comfortable for this game. Also, I decided to keep the role of altar boy in the game as an “apprentice”. You can see the new rule structure in Rulebook 7.0 (members only).

(Adam Hopkins) #3

What if there are two alternative paths. Characters are either sectarian (aka devout) or pagan. Excommunication makes a character (and his spouse and minor children) pagan. A pagan character may not marry a sectarian, and a sectarian may not marry a pagan. The latter, however does not need a cleric, and can claim any nonmarried of age woman to be a wife that is in the same terrirory. Multiple wives are allowed. As a pagan, however, there are addiitonal benefits that are not available ( such as availing oneself of the legal system).